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Michelle is a pro when it comes to skin. Her education includes graduating from Federico Career College for skin and Milan Institute for Massage Therapy. Michelle has been in the industry for over 10 years. "You know you've gotten a really superb skin treatment when strangers stop you and compliment you on your skin. That's my goal for every skin care treatment."

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A Future Pro Of Skin Theory


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What Skin Theory Has To Offer

Full Body Waxing


Waxing is very beneficial in many ways. It slows the hair growth cycle because the hair is pulled from the root. The result is  smoother, finer hair. It helps keep away painful ingrown hairs and reduce acne. Waxing gives a much cleaner more comfortable feeling when wearing  clothes or a bathing suit. There's no prickly or ruff hair to worry about which can sometimes cause irritation. Waxing helps with eliminating that dark pigmentation in such areas like between the legs and underarms. Who likes to shave every single day anyway? The Hair can stay gone for six weeks or longer!

Skin Treatments


An Amazing Facial is a perfect way to the absolute best care possible of your skin. Every person's skin needs to be pampered for many beneficial reasons. Helping to reduce stress and relieve psychological distress facials are great to prevent aging while opening up the pores for maximum deep cleansing. Removing blackheads, white heads, dirt, and other environmental impurities out of the skin. Facial massage promotes blood circulation so oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the blood for healthier skin cells. Did you know we as humans shed about one suitcase full of skin cells per year? Exfoliation is also necessary to keep healthy looking skin. Acne is no fun and when you pick or squeeze you run the risk of scarring. With special ingredients made for acne Estheticians can help reduce the risk of scarring.  



Appropriate hand and foot hygiene includes diligently cleaning and trimming the fingernails and toe nails, which may harbor dirt and germs and can contribute to the spread of some infections, fungi, irritation and cause ingrown nails. It's very important to keep your nails clean, short, and moisturized. Nail care is very beneficial for increasing blood circulation and mobility of the joints.  It's a good idea to have a deep cleaning so the dead skin cells on your hands and feet such as callouses can be removed so that new cell growth can occur leaving your nails stronger and healthier. Receiving a spa nail treatment is also very relaxing for the mind relieving any stress that you may have for that moment.  



There are beneficial positive reasons why women wear makeup. Boosting confidence is probably the most important reason! It makes a woman feel more in control  and boosts self esteem! Whether your attending a wedding or a quinceanera  a photo shoot or even that special  dinner date...let Skin Theory assist you with making you look absolutely beautiful for any occasion and for those  of you curious beauties new to makeup  that's not a problem!  With the help of our licensed Makeup Technicians they will be your personal guide  showing you step by step on how to apply your makeup perfectly with one of Skin Theory's  private Makeup lesson!   

Eyelash Extensions Microblading


Tired of day after day applying clumpy mascara that gets all over your eyelids? Are you tired of removing mascara every single time you wear it? This is where the goodness of Eyelash Extensions come in. Whether your an all natural sun kissed beauty or a glamorous diamond girl there are eyelashes to fit every type of look you want to achieve! Here at Skin Theory Salon our lash experts provide a free full consultation to decide on which technique of Eyelash Extensions are suitable for you. There can be a few reasons why Eyelash Extensions can be beneficial. They add length and volume for those who have noticeable spaces between lashes or if you have trouble growing eyelashes. Your eyes will have a more thicker, fuller, luscious wide eyed look to your face. Another nice benefit to Eyelash Extensions is feeling confident with or without makeup. Wake up every morning looking beautiful! 

Hair Braiding


Hair Braiding has become even more popular now with endless designs, colors, styles, and sizes. Aside from the popularity Hair Braiding can be very beneficial for your hair. It is very important to maintain good hygiene from morning til night to prevent breakouts. keeping your hair braided can prevent breakouts while you sleep. Braids also protect your natural hair from frizz and breakage  while keeping your hair hydrated so it's actually helping your hair to grow! We have a few excellent Hair Braiding Professionals here at Skin Theory Salon to help you decide which braiding style and technique you want to achieve!

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